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The number of heads may not exceed The number of sectors per track may not exceed If the selected translation mode is not compatible with the translation mode that was active when the disk was partitioned and formatted, the data on the disk will be inaccessible. Allows you to choose how the SATA controller and devices are accessed by the operating system. IDE - This is the most backwards-compatible setting of the three options.

Operating systems usually do not require additional driver support in IDE mode. Default is enabled. Each device on the list may be individually excluded from or included for consideration as a bootable operating system source. Legacy Boot Sources: Specify the order in which legacy boot sources such as a network interface card, internal hard drive, USB optical drive, or internal optical drive are checked for a bootable operating system image.

Specify the order of attached hard drives. The first hard drive in the order will have priority in the boot sequence and will be recognized as drive C if any devices are attached.

How to enter the BIOS setup (bootloader menu) MAG-200/250

To remove the device from consideration as a bootable device, press F5. To boot one time from a device other than the default device specified in Boot Order, restart the computer and press Esc to access the boot menu and then F9 Boot Order , or only F9 skipping the boot menu when the monitor light turns green. After POST is completed, a list of bootable devices is displayed.

Use the arrow keys to select the preferred bootable device and press Enter. The computer then boots from the selected non-default device for this one time. Computer setup - Security note: Support for specific Computer Setup options may vary depending on the hardware configuration. Allows to set and enable a power-on password. The power-on password prompt appears after a power cycle or reboot.

If the user does not enter the correct power-on password, the unit will not boot. Password Options This selection appears only if a power-on password or setup password is set. Lock Legacy Resources determines whether or not Windows Device Manager is allowed to change resource settings for serial and parallel ports. Stringent security enabling the stringent password disables the ability to reset the password by moving the jumper on the system board. Default is disabled. If you lose or forget the password, the system board must be replaced.

This scenario is not covered under warranty. To prevent the computer from becoming permanently unusable, record your configured setup password or power-on password in a safe place away from your computer. Without these passwords, the computer cannot be unlocked. Setup Browse Mode appears if a setup password is set allows viewing, but not changing, the F10 Setup Options without entering setup password. Feature available on NIC models only; the network controller must be either a PCI expansion card or embedded on the system board.

Asset tag byte identifier , a property identification number assigned by the company to the computer. The UUID can only be updated if the current chassis serial number is invalid. These ID numbers are normally set in the factory and are used to uniquely identify the system. The MBR contains information needed to successfully boot from a disk and to access the data stored on the disk.

Master Boot Record Security may prevent unintentional or malicious changes to the MBR, such as those caused by some viruses or by the incorrect use of certain disk utilities. It also allows you to recover the "last known good" MBR, should changes to the MBR be detected when the system is restarted. Restores the backup Master Boot Record to the current bootable disk. Only restore a previously saved MBR if you are confident that the current bootable disk's MBR has been corrupted or infected with a virus.

How to ║ Restore Reset a Macbook A1278 to Factory Settings ║ Mac OS X

Changing this setting requires turning the computer off and then back on. Allows to assign or modify a master or user password for hard drives. If neither is successfully entered, the hard drive will remain inaccessible until one of the passwords is successfully provided during a subsequent cold-boot sequence. Allows to turn off all legacy support on the computer, including booting to DOS, running legacy graphics cards, booting to legacy devices, and so on.

Allows to make sure an operating system is legitimate before booting to it, making Windows resistant to malicious modification from preboot to full OS booting, preventing firmware attacks.

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Default is disabled, except for Windows 8 systems which have this setting enabled. Secure Boot enabled also sets Legacy Support to disabled. Key Management—This option lets to manage the custom key settings. Allows you to delete any previously loaded custom boot keys. Default is Don't Clear. Fast boot disables the ability to interrupt boot, such as pressing f keys to access items before the operating system loads. From Windows 8, you can press Shift and select Restart to access the screen that lets you boot to a device or troubleshoot your computer.

Support for specific Computer Setup options may vary depending on the hardware configuration. Computer Setup—Power Option. Allows certain operating systems to reduce processor voltage and frequency when the current software load does not require the full capabilities of the processor. Allows certain operating systems to decrease the processors power consumption when the processor is idle.

Default is extended. This feature is designed to provide a visual indication of what sleep state the system is in. Each sleep state has a unique blink pattern.

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Lenovo B50 laptop, how to enter BIOS and Boot Menu

J'ai pris le fichier. Je suis en Windows 8. J'ai en effet le choix par rapport aux firmwares, donc je choisi le mien 4. Ca fait une bonne trentaine de fois qu il m est impossible de me connecter au pc. Erreur CE Si quelqu un peut m'aider Pas besoin de ce faire chier x Vous mettez juste vos. PUP , garderai-je mon compte utilisateur? Merci les amis. Et ceux qui souhaitent se lancer sur le firmware 4. Et surtout le plus gros avantage de cet outil est que tout se passe hors ligne!

Il suffit tout simplement d'aller sur le guide utilisateur, et vous verrez cette page se charger.

Éteindre proprement votre PC avec un Google Home et IFTTT

Profitez en pour recharger votre manette. J'oubliais, j'ai un message dans PS4 exploit host : "Exploit doe not support payload, skipping payload menu" En fait je pense que je n'ai pas pris le bon fichier.. Ayant trouver ma ps4 4. Je vais essayer des payloads alternatifs et je te redis, mais faut que ma fille lache la manette. C'est pas vraiment un probleme. Donc il charge pas le "payload menu" Logique. Si quelqu 'un a une solution?