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Nice initiative there.

Símbolos de texto para Linux: Atajos de teclas compuestas

Did you by the way see my work on comparative language stats for Colemak? Basically, yes - Colemak should be decent for Spanish based on monogram analysis at least. I did provide Spanish and LatAm variants with symbols where you're used to? Did you want more? The letter block AltGr mappings, maybe?

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In my suggestion they're very easy to hit I think! That should be good I hope? I am glad you like the iniciative, I hope it materializes into something useful About the angle mod: I think it is a great idea, just have not been able to test it yet setxkbmap -model pcawide-sl doesn't seem to do anything. Maybe I have to recreate a map myself? Problem with that is I see it only for computer-related people. If symbols mislabeled are already a problem, the middle column can be very discouraging.

As soon as I manage to apply it I'll tell you my own experience with it. I am afraid not. But with your ks keep local symbols approach this is solved. I am sorry to say that this approach is very confusing. As you say in your locale post, I would like to discuss it a little more and relocate a couple of symbols in order to make it more practical for an "only spanish" programmer version.

I will bring a proposal here soon. About the latAm, I cannot evaluate it, somebody from Latinamerica, please? So, keep local symbols es version is already solved, thanks for that. Is it easy for you to make a drawing? I have not been able to find it in your post without the angle mod. How do you do the thing with the patch? What do you think about the idea of a spanish website? CapsLock isn't Colemak to me, just a good idea that came together with Colemak. So for instance in Ubuntu you can find the CapsLock settings separately and choose 'CapsLock key behavior' as you like including Backspace; or, like me you could set it as the lv5 chooser key and use the Extend mapping layer to enhance navigation and editing!

Including Backspace of course. If you've patched or replaced correctly that should work - but you may have to rebuild the xkb settings first. The patch installer I made should take care of that removing some temp files before rebooting. Did you use the shell script sudo instdiff. The reason my images are made with the Wide mod on them, is that it's much work to change back and forth for me.

But for you I could make a set of my nice vector graphics showing the Spanish layouts, if you need it. I like to change the key caps physically when using the Wide mod. I can type on unchanged keyboards too but I prefer to move the caps. Yes, I do like the 'us' layouts better using the Wide mod. As you say, all the changed keys will then be in the middle under the agile index fingers. The reason both accents are moved is that the standard keyboard has those accents, as I remember it. There's not much else to put there I feel.

Acentos / Accent marks - keyboards | WordReference Forums

Sorry about not making a Catalan version I didn't know about it , but obviously it's going to be hard for me to make every single locale in the world so I had to be a little bit choosy. Actually, if you look in my symbols file particularly the 'colemak' one it shouldn't be hard to edit in a better solution for the Catalan there. Especially with the Wide mod! Sorry, I was trying to say on the "f" key in colemak, "e" physical key keep the symbols.

Portafolio 9: ¿Cómo puedo cambiar mi teclado al español y usarlo?

Where can I find information about "lv5 chooser key and use the Extend mapping layer"? I am not sure I fully understand. I have been able to use the wide mod copying this: My kubuntu does not have it. I have tried editing console-setup, but same result none. Maybe I haven't fully understood that either.

I will try the wide mod and copy your layout to it. That accent is only for catalan. Thanks for the offer.

Colemak en Español - Colemak in spanish - Open discussion - Discusión

Let's wait to see if there is some interest on the spanish website at all, before you do all that work. In the mean time, using this page, you can create very easily your own layout: Okay, here's what: Stephan Otte has made a layout that includes Colemak, some coder-friendly AltGr mappings and the Wide mod in one layout choice in the symbols file. What I've done is to provide a more module-based approach: The Wide mod is defined not as a layout but as a keyboard model. But you'll need to install my files properly first. Did you manage to patch your XKB files with my patch?

No strange error messages while patching?

In that case you should find the Wide mod as a keyboard model when it's installed and you've rebooted. If not, there's some other settings file you need to find Even if the grave isn't necessary for others than Catalan typists, I see no need to drop it. What else should be there instead? On my Norwegian keyboard there's both acute, grave, cirkumflex and umlaut although they're rarely in use. Some users will need them some of the time. Para esto, se desplaza la fila inferior hacia la izquierda, quedando una especie de wide angle mod. The main idea to be able to get accepted is that the symbols have to remain the same; this is pretty obvious.

So I propose several layouts, all with the keep-local-symbols philosophy: This involves shifting z,x,c,v,b to the left, as in an angle mod. It is kind of weird for non-geeks and is difficult to get used to it. Alternation between colemak and qwerty is almost impossible. As it is now it will not be accepted generally I am already talking to some school teachers that are interested , so this is my proposal: In a first view, I do not see any.

Probably it will not be as optimized as colemak, but it looks like an acceptable compromise.

If somebody is a programmer, probably will go with colemak-US, but if he is interested in switching to spanish layouts, this can be hell. So I propose Colemak-US with n-o swapped. I used http: I write often in spanish and I find that the colemak layout is great for that language. Una pregunta: Y eso me frena bastante.

Thanks, wjames, what is your typing speed? I find alternation way faster than composition, because of that reason. This makes me slower. Am I the only one? That's why I made these mods keyboard models so they'll go with every layout in Linux.

Como Hacer El Signo De Diéresis El Signo De Dos Puntos En La Ü En Mi Teclado

On my laptop I move the key caps so guests can type AngleWide by looking — or turn off the mappings and blind-type without the mod if they prefer that. An alternative such as switching N and O from Colemak is usually confusing.

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Certainly to others, but whenever I've tried such small variants even I've ended up feeling confused. I wouldn't recommend such an option unless it's really necessary. It looks that my quest to find an "acceptable by non-geeks" spanish layout leads to a dead end I know, but I do not see any other way of avoiding pinky repetition and thus making colemak "worse" in some way than qwerty. How would you recommend solving that?

Did you have any success in trying getting your locale variations accepted in X. What would it take to get your spanish variant accepted there?

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Maybe if there is just standard colemak keep-local-symbols out of the box it would help just getting started. However, keep in mind that we're typing in English too! So those quote symbols may still be handy.