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Mac OS X However there are many compelling and unique features in Tiger that make it an ideal or necessary OS on some Macs.

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Often a Tiger-based Mac will be a secondary machine repurposed just for this task. On Intel-based Macs, there are people who stick with Tiger for several reasons.

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This may be a budgetary decision, since upgrading to Leopard requires obtaining an installer, possibly some application updates, and often adding more RAM. The ability to install, reinstall, or upgrade to Tiger remains important, but it is increasingly difficult.

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Finding an installer requires buying a new or used copy from a reseller — or borrowing a copy from a friend, consultant, or other Mac user. Some later updates were available as Universal Binaries, but not the full OS installers. These discs will reinstall the OS on that model of Macintosh, but they may not work with other Macs using the same processor.

On the PowerPC side, the situation is easier. Apple sold several versions of Tiger at retail, culminating with a These discs will work on all supported models of PowerPC Macs and are the best ones to have or try to find via resellers. The bundled install discs that came with G4 and G5 Macs do not work across the board on all models — again trial-and-error.

These upgrade discs work with a wider range of Power Macs, but they require an existing Panther install to be present on the system before use. For more info on this process, see Maintaining Your Macintosh: Apple never sold a Full Installer for Tiger that was Intel-compatible.

Apple Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (Full Install) DVD Retail Version

This makes sense — until you need to reinstall Tiger on an Intel-based Mac. Most systems require their own discs, again hit-or-miss will apply. I have had luck using the Another challenge: Apple did make CD copies of the Tiger installer available on a trade-in basis for a short time, but these are now very hard to find.

A reader suggested an alternate solution to the DVD-less Mac install dilemma: He then restored this image across the network onto a small hard disk partition on the target Mac, selected this Installer Partition as the startup disk, and rebooted.

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How to Install Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 on an iMac G3, G4, or G5

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