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Re: Score: 1.

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Re: Adobe? Score: 2. Think about it: purpose-built hardware Flash accelerators designed by Adobe.

What's not to love?? This is a fabled unicorn.

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No amount of hardware is capable of adequately running Flash. Kyosuke writes:. Sucks that Moore's law has broken, but Gate's law is going strong. DRM chips? Score: 3. Every 12 months you have to re-buy your chips or your hardware stops working :. Pretty much what I came to say. It would fit with the Adobe culture to have their product rely on a custom instruction set on a device in a USB dongle to execute using the excuse that it is a critical "accelerator".

Just like old school cartridge games. Dubyah Tee Eff? Score: 5 , Insightful. Re:Dubyah Tee Eff? Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Rendering Speed? Are we talking video or full on 3D rendering? If were talking video, chips that can pump out 4K video at 30fps or better are a dime a dozen.

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter 1.1

If your talking 3D rendering then they would be so far behind the curve that they would have to pump probably a billion or so at it just to play catch up. Assuming they do produce something good, then what, its just another video.

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Re: Dubyah Tee Eff? Score: 1. Score: 5 , Informative. As an AC said: Once an editor is finished editing a film, they have to render it. What for? Better and tighter DRM and licensing models among other things. I guess you never paid Adobe money for a font. I don't disagree with you, but you're overlooking the bigger picture.

It's a simple two words: lock in. I'll bet some C-level exec declared that monthly rents weren't enough and demanded a solution to extract even more revenue from customers. Under the guise of "premium performance," too, I'd add. It's a "Why would God need a spaceship? I cannot justify creative cloud. Re: I cannot justify creative cloud.

No thanks Score: 2. Careful what you say Score: 2. Is this a prelude to a repeat of the bad old dongle-days? The only "services" they sell are hosted versions of a couple of their software packages. Well, it all comes down to how much better it runs.

They are looking to companies that already host services and are using custom chips to speed up the hosting of their specific software. Some of their stuff is pretty processor intensive, they might have identified some places where having dedicated hardware would make a noticable difference. But the dongle worked like gang busters! No way anybody could defeat that. Well unless you did what my school did, install a printer switch box but backwards so that you switched it to your computer and then fired up the software.

Researchers take a step towards light-based, brain-like computing chip

Presumably for the same reason Facebook needs to design their own silicon to run a website. Or they can learn how to write software instead Score: 3. Their creative-cloud apps are slow as molasses and only make perfunctory use of the computing resources available to them, including GPUs and multiple CPU cores. Comment removed Score: 3. Comment removed based on user account deletion. Sounds a bit expensive. Sounds like they're dropping the consumer market.

Right Score: 2. It sounds like they want proprietary hardware running parts of their cloud services. So it would be invisible to the user and probably sitting in some data centre. Compare to game consoles Score: 2. Chip for what? As an engineer I'm intrigued with what they can do.

As a consume, I don't need another gadget, computer, laptop, or tablet. Where is this chip going to go? It would go in the data centre. It sounds like they are looking into building some custom hardware for running their services, so not something end users would have on-site. Which is the more mature market, with greater experience as well as fabbing ability? What am I missing? Comment: We received one comment that requested that CMS allow managed care plans to conduct marketing activities during the QHP open enrollment period.

Managed care plans are allowed to market consistent with state approval.

An Exclusive Look Inside Apple’s A13 Bionic Chip

Comment: We received a few comments requesting that CMS permit agents, brokers, and providers to conduct marketing activities for managed care plans. Response: Section After consideration of the public comments, we are adopting these provisions as proposed with the revision to the definition of marketing materials to include PCCM entities, as discussed above.

We proposed several modifications to the current regulations governing the grievance and appeals system for Medicaid managed care to further align and increase uniformity between rules for Medicaid managed care and rules for MA managed care, private health insurance, and group health plans. As we noted in the preamble to the proposed rule, the existing differences between the rules applicable to Medicaid managed care and the various rules applicable to MA, private insurance, and group health plans concerning grievance and appeals processes inhibit the efficiencies that could be gained with a streamlined grievance and appeals process that applies across markets.

A streamlined process would make navigating the appeals system more manageable for consumers who may move between coverage sources as their circumstances change. Our proposed changes in subpart F of part would adopt new definitions, update appeal timeframes, and align certain processes for appeals and grievances. We are concerned that the different appeal and grievance processes for the respective programs and health coverage causes: 1 Confusion for beneficiaries who are transitioning between private health care coverage or MA coverage and Medicaid managed care; and 2 inefficiencies for health insurance issuers that participate in both the public and private sectors.

We proposed to better align appeal and grievance procedures across these areas to provide consumers with a more manageable and consumer friendly appeals process and allow health insurers to adopt more consistent protocols across product lines. The grievance, organization determination, and appeal regulations in 42 CFR part , subpart M, govern grievance, organization determinations, and appeals procedures for MA members. The internal claims and appeals, and external review processes for private insurance and group health plans are found in 45 CFR We referred to both sets of standards in reviewing current Medicaid managed care regulations regarding appeals and grievances.

Two of our proposals concerning the grievance and appeals system for Medicaid managed care were for the entire subpart.

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