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Step 1. Open Finder.

Linux and Commands

Go to the top menu bar. For example, as shown in the screenshot below, to create tar file from all the files on desktop, you can type:. When it comes to opening a tar file, you can double-click the archive, and then your Mac or Windows PC will open it with an associated default or third-part app. Download this tar file extractor. Open it. In the tool bar, click Add. Select the tar file you want to open.

Now you can easily select file s to preview and extract.

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  5. How to Extract or Unzip GZ File on macOS | TunesBro CleanGeeker?

Here we will select the entire. Click Extract. Choose a folder. Click Save. To find the extracted files, open Finder and go to the toolbar at the top of your screen. Click the said folder Desktop and you will find all the files that where once packed into the tar ball.

A tar bomb can be created with using the tar command, which may lead to the risk of overwriting files. For more information, you can check out the tar bomb related content in this article. Of course, you can also choose to tar files by using command line. Lock app and block distracting websites on your Mac so you can get your work done and share your Mac safely.

And he hoped that I can recommend the best unzip software for Mac for him. Google Drive is widely-used by many Mac users to store and sync important files.

However, considering that the storage space is limited, it is necessary to take measures to save some storage. Compressing your large files such as videos and PDFs is supposed to be a sensible idea.

How to Create and Open Tar File on Mac: 2 Easy Ways

All rights reserved. Privacy Sitemap. What is a tar file? How to create tar file on Mac How to open tar file on Mac. Most Popular Downloads. AppCrypt for Mac Lock app and block distracting websites on your Mac so you can get your work done and share your Mac safely. Google Drive Gets Full? Developer: Keep up the good work. Excellent software!!

Thanks for sucha great product. But I am curious. That is a good point about the lack of zip compression in GUI Tar. There are two reasons why zip compression isn't available yet in GUI Tar. Since a large number of Mac users have at least Mac OS I have a question for the developer. Is there a way to compress larger than 4GB with your program? Because every way I have tried it stops at 4GB before completing the compression.

How to Extract or Unzip GZ File on macOS | TunesBro CleanGeeker

If there is not a workaround or fix with your program, please let me know about a way to do it with the command line or otherwise. Thank you.

Open/Extract TAR File on Mac

I am in the same mood as Tshunter, emaning, wanting to work with large files. He is robably not getting at it cause his drive is probably FAT I want to compress the files in smaller pieces so that i can move em and not get horassed by this 4GB limit in FAT32 formated drives to watch downloaded movies on the TV through a pendrive. Forgive my ignorance but I thought if you compressed a file the end product should be smaller in size than the original. This doesn't seem to be the case, so I don't see the point of this application.

You are correct that the file should be smaller after you have compressed it using a format such as gz, bz2, Z, or 7z. There are cases where the compression is very small and does not provide for much benefit, especially if the file or group of files are already in a compressed format. An example is if you are trying to compress a JPG image, which is already a compressed format, so trying to shrink it even further does not help a ton.

However, trying to compress a large text document should have decent results. The only other way I could see a file increasing in size, is if you only archived it tar , which just packs a file or usually, a group of files into a single file, but it does not compress it. Usually, people who leave comments similar to yours, are both ignorant and unintelligent. However, they don't know about their own ignorance. I'm sorry to hear that this app didn't decrease the size of your stuff -- however, don't blame this app, GUI Tar is not responsible. However, compressing a bunch of folders would usually save you either much or some disk space.

Compressing compressed files is not efficient, and usually only a waste of time and CPU power. Maybe that's what you did? To respond to celebritarian's comment, I don't think it was necessary to be so rude and bellitling! Just because someone does not understand one thing does not mean you should just assume that they are ignorant and unintelligent. Would you appreciate such an assumption about you? Like 2. The answer of celebritarian was rude, but I think it wasn't due to the commenter ignorance, but the way this guy was bullying the developper in a very pervert way, when it was actually not the fault of the developper Samantha: You wrote that reply rather late, I wrote that comment a long time ago.

How you interpret my comment and its tone is your opinion. I hear what you're saying, and I do understand your point. I give you this: Off course I didn't want to be a big happy smile when replying to a post like that. Sure, my comment did contain some sense of humor at least I tried Call it irony.

How to Create a Tar GZip File from the Command Line

I think I did. Thirrouard obviously got the point the part about me being aggressive was axeggarated, though ;- I feel quite calm. I wasn't rude without reasons.

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This is a free app. Some guy or girl has put a lot of effort, skills and time in making this a nice GUI to the Unix tools -- like tar. All Mac OS X versions have it, deep down. That means you can't blame this app for bad compression rates on some random unknown? It is free. It uses free tools to do the job the user wants.